Rubus TITAN (more details to follow)

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Need to find out more about any of the work we do? Or any of our projects? This is the repository for you!

Updated 1 month ago

beewa is the best way to control your devices!

Updated 2 months ago

Webbot a simple browser controlled robot implementation

Updated 3 months ago

berrycam makes taking pictures with your Raspberry Pi easy!

Updated 4 months ago

Updated 4 months ago

We're PiCymru, promoting digital literacy and encouraging learning and development in Wales. This is our website.

Updated 5 months ago

eventcal is a simple iCal viewer, to make scheduling and displaying your events, easy as adding a calendar event!

Updated 8 months ago

Make it easy, and fast to build your own weather station using the enviroPHAT from pimoroni and your Raspberry Pi!

Updated 8 months ago is a simple application installation service, allowing quick and simple building of bash installation files.

Updated 8 months ago

berryinfo makes obtaining diagnostic information about your device easy!

Updated 8 months ago

A very simple way to hook your Raspberry Pi Zero, Zeroface and Raspberry Pi camera to contribute to wunderground!

Updated 9 months ago

Edubot is an open source robotics platform for use in schools and other educational environments

Updated 1 year ago

Wyneb is a high level facial recognition and manipulation library design to make state of the art computer vision accessible and fun to all.

Updated 1 year ago

We've created a very simple VNC bouncer, using C++ to allow multi-tenancy and split load balancing across hundreds of workers identified by a forwarding key (also known as a password)

Updated 1 year ago

Interested in running any of our software? We've made it easy using Docker. Find us on Docker Hub and and get deploying today!

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